Felting classes


 I had a wonderful time this weekend - I found everything you had to share invigorating and inspiring. I have a renewed sense of purpose and a real desire to "GET ON WITH WEAVING". Your energy didn't flag and I was impressed how you really managed to tailor the workshop to each individual. 


I needed a kickstart and that you gave me in spades. I loved the creative exercises - I love the ideas you suggested to open up creative avenues - ways to find inspiration for color & design. 


Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. 


Cheryl Peebles Studio & Gallery

Pique Your Passion

This is a workshop that is focused on the individual weaver and which will then in turn contribute to the group. In other words, a group experience supporting individual goals.




pique  /pek/

Noun: A feeling of irritation....

Verb: Stimulate (interest or curiosity)



I use the definitions to facilitate a design process. Often, uncertainty of where to begin, what to make, and what materials to use becomes an irritation that incurs a block. Pique, as a verb means to stimulate. To me the combination of the definitions is exciting. Pearls are born through irritation and stimulation.  


Another word, piqué or marcella, refers to a weaving style, characterized by raised parallel cords, can also be a metaphor to illustrate this group activity. Raised parallel cords speaks to me on many levels – being raised up in new knowledge side-by-side with like-minded people!!!


And now; how the workshop will work.


We all dream of making perfect cloth to fit our fantasies. Some stress will occur with decision making. The workshop is designed to fit your needs and support your ideas in order to promote initiative and motivation.


I think of every warp being an adventure and my approach is to find the artistry in the weaver that makes the cloth unique and fabulous. Beginners and experienced alike, will find new maneuvres and strategies to achieve success. Curiosity and acceptance of process is the key in our quest. Design and colour exercises will be demonstrated and experimented with.


A questionnaire will be issued to each registered student – the first step in putting an idea into action. The questions will include what inspired the ‘pique’ in the first place and what music, colours and writings that inspire you. This will give me an indication of how the weaver addresses the project. And if you want me to choose a technique that might fit your goal – I will.


An example given to me of late: Exploring a block weave – what is the function of the project (rug, clothing etc.)?  I would then begin designing a ‘path’ for you to take and suggestions to warp your loom for the workshop and what materials to bring. The workshop will begin from there!


So if there are 6 students or twelve students, everyone will have an individual project. I like it to be project based, so the sample could be a small bag, cushion mat etc. The workshop could continue after I leave and be a round robin after the workshop. Everyone will learn something new and achieve a new measure of confidence!


This is as close to being in a working studio that I can give you and what I experience everyday. A weaving studio, such as Leola’s Studio, is a community one, so there are different projects being created every day by different people with different stories. This is what inspires me.